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The Goal
  • Achieve A Reasonable Understanding Of Yourself As An Intellectual Man To Increase Your Potential For Generating Wealth And Impact For The Rest Of Your Life.

  • Explore How To Live Life Differently So You Can Maximize What We Call The 5 Essential Resources: Time, Money, Energy, Health, and Network.

  • Learn How To Maintain Positive Relationships With Difficult People, And Uncover Valuable Techniques For Developing Reasonable Relationships With Other Intellectual Men.

  • Complete Your Transformation Over A 10-week Period, Through 2-3 Online Training Meetings Per Week, At A Fraction Of The Cost To You When Compared To Your Average College Education Or Psychologist/Therapist.


you'll never know what your life could've been

if you spend all of your time waiting for change.


Don’t Waste Years of Your Life! Fully Understand Yourself (And Your Partner) With The Mental Defender Training To Forever Enhance Your Wealth And Impact 10X!

If you’re an Intellectual Man with a dream for wealth and impact, look no further! The Mental Defender Book™ is the perfect psychological typology textbook that is customized to fit your rare needs. The moment you qualify through our screening process, you’ll gain access to valuable knowledge you can’t find anywhere else!
After you’ve taken a short survey and hop on the phone with us for a quick 10-minute discovery call, your exciting journey can rapidly unfold as our trained psychology consultant guides you through the training for the next 10 weeks over Zoom meetings. Each meeting lasts about an hour, so you can enjoy this groundbreaking education with flexibility while in the comfort of your own home!
There are 4 different types of of Intellectual personalities, but you will generally fit into one of these two groups:


  1. If you’re more systematic and theoretical in your development, life’s about hanging around like-minded friends, so conversations never get stale! Find your “best match” using our personalized compatibility tools so you can finally be confident enough to execute on your goals, while developing lifelong friendships with people you absolutely KNOW you’ll be able to trust.

  2. And if you’re more pragmatic and strategic in your development, life’s about getting the personal satisfaction of becoming significant by achieving something big and important. Nobody believed in you to accomplish great things, and no one knows the sacrifices you made to get there, but our training makes success through merit more possible than ever before.

… and if you feel like you identify with both of these descriptions, you’re in for a treat! Below are some highlights you’ll take away from the training.

The Mental Defense Book™ Benefits Include:

Relationship Compatibility


Use The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get On Track so you can Forever Change the Way You Navigate Social Interactions using Tactics Learned on Our Essential-For-Success Personality Type Descriptions. (Our Golden “Type Tips” is a The Treasure Map to Human Nature, Full of Nuggets of Wisdom that will Make Your Jaw Drop!)


Make Swift Corrections for “Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth” by Saving Thousands of Dollars and Years of Time You Would Spend Pursuing All other Psychology Methods Currently on the Market Today. Break Bad Habits and Build New Ones by Gaining Access to the Secrets Included in The Mental Defense System that Even Leaders in the Psychology Industry Haven’t Uncovered!


Uncover The Key to Understanding Your Existence and Learn the Shocking Truth About Why We Can’t Do Life on Our Own — Even Though We Think We’re Independent. (Hardly Anyone Knows About it, but it’s Simpler Than You Could Ever Imagine!)


Discover Exactly what Makes People Tick with Our Legit “Idiot’s Guide” to Reasonable Psychology, The Mental Defense System! The Secrets Revealed Will Force Friends, Family and Colleagues to Wonder How You’ve Developed Such Confidence with Your People Skills… and it’s All Beginner-Friendly! (It also Teaches How to Dodge Family Obligations without being Caught Off Guard by Unexpected Events, and Find Better Alternative Ways to Spend Your Time — Whether it be Alone, or with Another Like-Minded Winner!)


Learn the Framework that will Permanently Ensure that You can Find Yourself (and Your Best Friend For Life) in a Place where No Other Competitor Is. Show up Alone to a Unique and Captive Market, and Absolutely Bulldoze Other Contenders because You Were There First. Acquire a Brilliant Exit Strategy for Potential Would-Be Winners who have Followed what Everyone had Told Them and Found Themselves Caught in a Pair of Golden Handcuffs.



Absolutely Dominate the Competition in Your Industry with Our Simple Step-By-Step Approach to Developing Your Skills for Work, Business or Entrepreneurship! (These Techniques are So Streamlined that Your Top Competitors Will Be Begging You Not to Add them to Your Workflow.)


Completely Annihilate Distractions By Attacking Your Sources of Stress and Frustration Head On using Our Philosophy we call “The GSR Mindset”. (Living in Accordance with this Framework will Attract the Right Types of People and Repel the Wrong Ones for Your Journey Through Life Forever.)


Learn How to Achieve a Luxurious Lifestyle Full of Modern Treasures using the Universal Wisdom of The Mental Defense System, and Why it’s the New Psychological Tool that Will Eliminate Your Nagging Fears, Fulfill Your Deepest Desires, and Completely Maximize Your Potential so You can Reach True Personal Life Satisfaction and Wealth!


Instantly Learn the Hidden Psychological Knowledge that will Skyrocket your Personal Growth and Income so Rapidly, All of Your Rivals will be Calling You an Elitist, Arrogant Bastard for Being so Confident when Capturing what Used to be Their Market! (These Modern Groundbreaking Secrets for Explosive Growth in Business can be Applied Immediately So You can Gain Time and Money Back. Then You can get on with Living the Way You’ve Always Wanted to Live!)


Design an Epic, Abundant Lifestyle the Kings Would Envy by Correcting Dream-Killing Habits, Blasting Away Inefficient Workflows, and Nuking the Ignorant Thoughts and Beliefs that Drastically Limit Lifetime Earning Potential. (People Don’t usually Associate Excellent People Skills with a Significant Increase in Top-Line Profits, but We Show You How Connected Your Approach to Communication is to You Making a Staggering Boost in System Optimization and Wealth-Generation as a Result!)



We Serve Intellectual Men With A Dream

For Ultimate Wealth And Impact.

Feeling Hopeless About Your Future? Anxious About Squandering Your Potential? Renew The Sparkle In Your Eyes With Our Revolutionary Psychological Method To Achieve Unimaginable Success!

The current condition of the psychology industry makes most Intellectual Men write off therapy altogether. Conventional methods don’t provide effective results for us, and Mental Defender is here to the rescue. Here are 5 other Mental Defender service features that our competitors fail to deliver on that we pass with flying colors:
Our Personal Development Process_OurPDPr

Here's How It Works

The Engineered Changing Agent_NewParadig
The Engineered Changing Agent_ExpertMent
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New Paradigm

Generic psychology services don’t recognize the needs of Intellectual Men. We specialize in your unique psychological profile, and we systematically reprogram your mind to think about yourself and your relationships in a profoundly different way. It’s so accurate, it’s almost like seeing for the first time. Successful people take an entire lifetime to build their mental comprehension mechanisms, but we’ve figured out how to install it in our clients in less than 3 months.

Expert Mentorship

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges, but true experts are out of reach for most people. Even more unprecedented are services who identify Intellectual Men, and we’ve made it our mission to serve you as our valued target audience. While others use guesswork, we use a predictable proven process that turns the unknown gray area of the personal and social development for the Intellectual Man into something that’s both clearly visible and practically achievable. We’ve engineered our training program to guide you with absolute precision, and we are certain that it will improve your life in ways that you would never be able to achieve on your own.

Interpersonal Relationships

Intellectual Men are some of the most independent and capable people on earth, but even we need help from others sometimes. Our treatment focuses on your personality using tested systems we’ve designed to accurately pinpoint your natural strengths and weaknesses, while sharing your top 5 compatible personality types for lifelong relationships. Through this process, we encourage continued personal growth with your highest compatible partner at your side.

Big Picture Perspectives

In the training, we also tackle the big questions: “What do we do with all of these Non-Intellectuals? What do we do with women, children, or the socio-political, economic obstacles we face in our modern day?” Well, we carefully address these questions by providing insights to help you plan your future more effectively, depending on your goals and values.

Transformation With A Game Plan

We all realize hard work alone is not enough to change your life in huge ways. You need to work smart, and you need a game plan. Our training program provides the mental reprogramming, goal setting, and expert coaching needed to make those improvements. Once qualified, you get personalized access to expert mentorship during training calls with unlimited questions every step of the way, and if you reach out to us via email, we always get back to your concerns within 3 business days.

Like what you see? Contact our helpdesk to receive your short survey, and schedule a discovery call with us today!

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Protect Your Mind From Predators And Parasites. It’s Time To Stop, Think, And Get Irritated With People Who Pretend To Have Your Back, But Don’t.

Your mind is your source of freedom as an Intellectual Man, and I’m here to help defend it. I was also lied to by family, friends, and my society, and I never want anyone to be left in the dark about the truth like I was for so many years. 


A lot of us have been there. I tried to find the best options for my future, but I didn’t know where to start. It was only after all of the trouble I went through that I finally knew a college degree wasn’t for me.


The feeling of being lost is like an ache in your stomach that never goes away, and you’re reminded of it every time you see someone who is doing what you know you should be doing, but you just don’t know how. 


I knew my relationships had a direct connection to the wealth, impact, lifestyle quality, and long-term satisfaction I could achieve. You’re hanging out with the wrong people, and this leads you to be aimless. You experience feelings of worthlessness because you’re too busy following people who have naturally limited potential, so you’re sabotaging your own results.


People can be successful in work, yet have terrible relationships their entire life. It’s hard to admit because the truth cuts so deeply, but you never truly find a place where they belong, and it makes you disturbed and uncomfortable. You’re tired more often, sick more often, and the whole situation is generally more stressful.


It should be no surprise that your association has a direct impact on your outcome in life. As the saying goes, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Even so, many young Intellectual Men are too dependent on their social circles. They have a network full of failures, and then they wonder why they’re also a failure. 


These same Intellectual Men have money problems and relationship issues, because the people they surround themselves with don’t know how to spend their 5 essential resources in productive ways to maximize their results.


That’s what it was like for me until I found my best friend for life, and I learned how to optimize my personal development and relationships. I know how it feels, and we both know you can do so much better. But you need to get off your ass! You’ve been fucking around for too long.


I help people just like you figure out their personal development and relationships, so you can more easily carry out your plans for wealth and impact for a lifetime. The map is right here for you, you just need to do it. I promise you that this is gonna work.


We won’t be satisfied until we’ve impacted millions of Intellectual Men on a global level. I want my Clients to be shining examples of what a successful Intellectual Man should look like.


Too many people focus on bringing up the bottom-dwellers of society. The parasites will never make back what they cost, yet your community and government stab Intellectual Men, their main economic contributors, in the back. In turn, many Pavers outsource their companies elsewhere — leaving for freer, less predatory markets.


Intellectual Men who want to win need to “snip” certain people from their lives! It’s time to do something about your situation!

Most People are Frustrated with Old Psychology Methods.

When people misunderstand themselves and others, they experience anxiety, depression, homicidal/suicidal thoughts, and are at higher risk of destroying families. This confusion causes them to make terrible decisions and are more likely to be involved in endless cycles of violence.


They enter into bad relationships because they have bad criteria for screening others, and they hold others to false standards, which results in the abuse of children, family, and friends. They also hold themselves to false standards, which impacts their self-image, their earning potential, and their ability to reach their true potential.  


These same people deeply fear being single forever, and growing old and lonely without strong bonds with family and friends. They’re afraid of having disputes at work and not being able to keep their job because of personality friction.


They might think they’re stupid, or they feel they are low-value and without purpose because they aren’t serving others enough. They have a meaningless existence because they’re not able to get the things they want.

Problems With Conventional Psychology

To fix their problems, they look to psychologists and psychiatrists for help using conventional treatments. Unfortunately, all they find are ineffective therapies and lies that are pushed by mental health professionals who take advantage of a delusional market.


Intellectual Men currently hate the psychology industry. 


Most don’t have good experiences when psychology services come up in discussion, because it’s failed many who have tried to understand themselves and others. Many dismiss psychology as a distraction from other perceived solutions. Instead, they’d rather find answers in evolutionary biology, nutrition, philosophy, economics, or marketing.

Conventional psychology is a “one-size-fits-all”, generic option. It rarely works for Intellectual Men, because we need specialized treatment for outstanding results. 


Specialized treatment for Intellectual Men is something conventional psychology fails to offer. And if their patient is convinced and accepts the diagnosis for mental illness they’re given, they will request to be prescribed pharmaceutical medication.


Unfortunately, the drugs will likely make their problems worse, because they often mask or create negative symptoms rather than fix them. That patient is now at risk of becoming addicted to the drugs they paid for. The therapist tries to comfort them: 


“Of course I know what I’m talking about! You can see my white coat, right? You can trust me. After all, I’m a working professional. I went through schooling for all those years, so I can assure you these drugs are a remedy. Just sign on the dotted line and we’ll arrange for you to make these payments on a regular basis.”


Conventional psychology isn’t effective because it doesn’t get to the root of the issue. It only sends people off in wrong directions, and it often makes things worse. It lacks specialization for Intellectual treatment, and since Non-Intellectuals don’t understand what Intellectual Men need, their therapy just isn’t worth the investment. 


Other psychologists may project themselves onto us to pretend like they can relate to us more than they really do. Many of them even believe they are Intellectuals themselves. But at their core, they misunderstand how we operate and process information.


The truth is, they could never understand what it’s like to be an Intellectual. Most professionals currently employed in the psychology industry are not Intellectuals, or they are Intellectuals who are generally disappointing husks of forever-suppressed potential. These therapists teach Intellectual Men how to operate according to Non-Intellectual standards and expectations.


In other words, Non-Intellectuals and low-functioning Intellectuals encourage Intellectual Men to accept a Sensory-Feeling Culture. This is a huge problem, because Intellectual Men need an Intuitive-Thinking Culture if they want to succeed in life. 


Anything outside of that specific cultural variant will generally cause them to value the wrong things. Traditional psychologists share unreasonable perspectives that distract and confuse the Intellectual Man. Those beliefs take him off course from his true potential, and he develops a greater likelihood to make poor choices.


His ability to reason is significantly reduced, because his standards are diluted by the Sensory-Feeling Culture. He becomes more emotional, and more attached to the physical world. This will cause him to make poor decisions for his future.


Some of those mistakes he makes end up permanently destroying his life, and he ends up being just another waste of life to be forgotten. His dreams go up in flames, all because of some bad advice they got from a Non-Intellectual.


Don’t get screwed. Refuse to pay for poor quality therapy. Refuse to pay for addictive, negative symptom-causing medications. Refuse a Sensory-Feeling Culture — the culture of the Non-Intellectual, and the Intellectual Failure.


Mental health professionals say “good diagnosis precedes good treatment”, but they can’t agree on what’s right among themselves, because none of them are right to begin with. They always default to something like: 


“The human mind is so complex, it’s impossible to comprehend its inner workings in a consistent, reliable, predictable way. The questions you’re asking me are too difficult to solve, or there is no ‘right’ answer. Just deal with your trauma and troubles like everyone else does. The best we can do is to look at history and philosophy for answers. Your psychology is an unsolvable problem, I’m sorry to say. Here’s a pat on the back. Keep your head up, buddy.” 


We at Mental Defender violently disagree with this statement. Conventional psychology sucks, because the therapist pays to learn the wrong stuff in university, and so do you when you hire them for therapy. When you pay for their services, both the professional and the patient become more and more financially and emotionally invested in conventional psychology being correct.


Everyone involved in the process starts to defend those false beliefs, and you, the patient, is the one who foots the bill. 


The majority of therapy only scratches the surface when it comes to alleviating their patient’s troubles. Most clinics don’t even have metrics to measure the effectiveness of their own therapists on staff. They can’t even tell you how to get better, because they don’t track their own outcome histories, so they don’t know how to consistently provide better healthcare. 


These conventional and alternative therapists may talk with you about your relationship problems, but they can’t even follow through with that. Therapists are trained to constantly put the burden of responsibility back onto the patient, and they don’t promise you anything.


They don’t tell you how to live your life, for fear they will be blamed if something goes wrong. They don’t want to be liable for the results of their crappy advice. This is what happens when therapists don’t have effective treatments based in Reasonable Psychology! They shouldn’t make you any promises, because they don’t know what’s actually going on.


They’ve told themselves stories for millennia, constructed conceptual models that lack consistency, and have relied heavily on religion and other spiritual techniques. But none of that is the answer.


People use these distractions as an attempt to explain away the things they don’t understand, because they need to have some kind of answer to explain their reality. But lying to themselves about having an answer only puts a bandaid over an infected wound.


Other healthcare providers simply justify their inaccurate methods by saying they’ve got bills to pay, and their treatment is better than nothing. Seriously guys, “better than nothing”? That’s a terrible standard to measure outcomes, and it’s immoral for them to know they aren’t really helping people as they say they do.


Traditional Psychology is a vicious cycle where the blind lead the blind. The industry has always been infested by people who push the wrong message, since they’re not strictly following an Intellectual Culture.


For the Intellectual Men who claim to have benefitted from a Non-Intellectual culture, these outcomes you have achieved have most likely occurred despite treatment, not because of it.

Problems With Alternative Psychology

Other Intellectual Men are drawn in by alternative therapies, but Intellectual Men have plenty of problems with alternative psychology as well. The main value of the alternative psychology space is it being a place where people can connect from the comfort of their home to find solace in spiritual, natural alternatives like reiki meditation, herbal cleansing, mind-reading, and psychic revelation.

When profit is involved, it doesn’t take long for Intellectual Men to encounter people from alternative psychology. They find motivational speakers and shamans who waste their time with motivational or mystical trash. These unethical charlatans are all feeling and no thinking. They feed you bogus solutions, yet they sleep perfectly well at night because to some degree, even they believe some of their lies.


When profit isn’t involved, most of the information is new and experimental. This may seem negative at first, but it can be beneficial for the Psychology industry because independent content creators are able develop their own theories and frameworks, and their information can be marketed at an affordable cost. Sometimes, they might even give their knowledge away online for free.


Although alternative psychology has received plenty of criticism from academics and Intellectuals alike throughout the years, personality psychology is the closest when it comes to truth value. The 2 most accurate sub-categories of alternative psychology are Cognitive Depth Psychology (aka “Typology”), and certain modern descendants of The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

With that being said, the issue with these cheap or free alternative therapies are:

1. There is often no track-record of success for these services. Or there might be something there, but after some brief research, the expected results and outcomes are just not impressive enough to invest in them.


2. You might complete a free quiz, assessment, or inventory, you get your results, and you realize you’re still lost. In fact, the results could leave you more confused than you were before taking the test. You’d say: “Wow, what a waste of time that was.”


3. Alternative psychology is a non-standardized community. The resources available are often incomplete, scattered, and full of false information. It provides Intellectual Men with many angles that could lead you to nowhere. Much of it lacks depth, and they end up saying “Oh, well duh. I could’ve told them that myself.”


4. There also may be information that is partially true, but Intellectual Men need to figure out its truth-value on their own. This is often not an easy thing to do. Even after making the sacrifice to try to learn everything, there are no guarantees they’ll figure it out.


5. Most alternative psychology services are biased against truth. Many of the content creators who are responsible for Paving the alternative psychology industry have close ties to their family, friends, co-workers, and significant others. Those people would be negatively affected by the truth if these creators were to be consistent in their work. They can’t be honest when they’re at home or at work, so they have to lie to themselves, because they’re surrounded by idiots. Some are also missing concepts that make a big difference to the equations being measured, and that can completely skew their data and message.


6. Content creators also need to go out of their way to water down their information so they don’t get banned from online platforms. Many of them are heavily reliant on ad revenue, and if they say something that goes against the social media guidelines, their livelihood may be in jeopardy. They must make their message palatable to Non-Intellectual’s and Intellectual Failures, or else they may face guideline violation strikes against their channel due to the audience reporting them. As a result, the Intellectual Men who view the content are forced to read between the lines to figure out the answers.


7. Many alternative psychology services are either government-funded, or part of an organization that is full of Non-Intellectuals or Intellectual Failures. This prevents them from being truly objective. All of these factors make it extremely difficult for beginners to gain any footing in good content unless they dedicate thousands of hours to research and understand everything that’s out there.


8. Almost none of the information in the alternative psychology space specifically applies to Intellectual Men who have a dream. It doesn’t matter who it is — no services on the market today can help you succeed in life the way we know we can.

Why People Dislike Mental Defender: Don’t Be On The Wrong Side Of Truth

The truth stings, and most people try to avoid listening to truth-tellers. Their words are often painful to hear, and the insight usually requires the listener to change something about their life, whether it be to avoid or pursue something different than they have been.


It’s an aspect of growth many people take a long time to learn, but putting things off can have them ending up in confusion, misery, and catastrophic decision-making. People destroy themselves and others when they don’t understand the truth. On the surface, you think you don’t want to worry about the truth, because it will make you uncomfortable in the moment and the near future.


Facing reality would actually require you to do something, and that’s more effort than it’s worth. Bad idea. Don’t try to avoid the truth, because you’ll only just end up doing something stupid that will affect your future forever. Willful ignorance is dangerous, and You’ll have no one else to blame but yourself.

What Success Means To Mental Defender

Many of our competitors say they can help you with your personal development and relationships, but they all tend to overpromise and under-deliver.


For Mental Defender, we take our product and service performance seriously. Success as an Intellectual Man is when he has achieved sufficient financial wealth and social impact, while having an absolute control of time, and enjoying an epic lifestyle with the people he cares about most.


Success is when you get to enjoy life whenever, wherever, however, with whoever, for whatever reason. Success is having the freedom to behave and experience life as a First World-producing Intellectual Man.


We at Mental Defender encourage you to dream so big, your goals scare you.


Give yourself something to strive for — your own personal life purpose — and appreciate it for what it is. Strive to reach a status of significance in your specialization so you can generate wealth and a quality lifestyle you can be proud of.


And if you have a hard time thinking about wanting to succeed for your own sake, then aspire to eventually help those people you used to look up to during your early years of growth. Plan to help those people out in a big way once you’ve made it, and use your wealth and influence to help the ones who helped you when you were young and vulnerable.


This is how you can have a fulfilled life! You might read this and say:

“Yeah right, dude. People don’t deserve that level of generosity, and even if they did, I’ve never met someone that nice. They don’t exist.”


If you have that attitude, then my guess is you’ve never really had the chance to win. You’ve had to make your own luck, and people have made growth much harder for you along your journey than it had to be. And once you’ve made your way to success, society has made it legal to take it away from you by force through taxes, inflation, and money printing.


I’ve been in your shoes, and people have no clue how to handle an Intellectual Man. They can’t deal with us because we’re reasonable, and they aren’t.


The options available in conventional or alternative psychology aren't meant to make you into a winning Intellectual Man, and they can’t do much of anything right. They often just make things worse.


Most professionals you see in Traditional Psychology operate off of 100-year-old knowledge and techniques. They fail to deliver on quality results, even after the patient has spent multiple years in treatment. These outdated and harmful methods waste your time, money, energy, health, and network.


In many cases, conventional and alternative therapists treat the honest, reasonable Intellectual Man who speaks his mind as a crazy person who should be put on a watch list. It’s no wonder why psychology has such a bad reputation.


Taking responsibility for your life isn’t possible if real solutions aren’t offered. 


To Mental Defender, conventional psychology’s “best” is not good enough. They don’t teach you how to become a winner so you can live a dream lifestyle of wealth, impact, and legacy. They don’t teach you how to develop an amazing network full of other winners who have your back, even when times get tough. 


But we do, and we are raising the standards of the psychology industry. Mental Defender is different from everyone else, and Intellectual Men need answers now more than ever.

What Mental Defender Brings To The World Of Psychology

The methods used in the current psychology industry are inaccurate, so it doesn’t matter how widespread and available those treatments are. It’s still gonna be the wrong information, and Intellectual Men shouldn’t be learning it, anyway.


To overcome this huge problem, Mental Defender has created a new category called Reasonable Psychology. Reasonable Psychology is the highest form of psychology, and The Mental Defense System is the flagship product that epitomizes this newly invented niche.


Mental Defender defines Reasonable Psychology as any form of treatment that is designed specifically for Intellectuals, which means the treatment and all related contents must always be Intuitive-Thinking focused, which is abstract, systematic, and pragmatic in its approach.


It concentrates on striving towards understanding universal truths, which is achieved by mixing excellent logic, rationale, strategy, and tactics to reach deep, thorough conclusions about thoughts, feelings, sensations, and intuitions. It often simplifies complex, meaningful concepts to optimally solve problems in all areas of life.


In contrast, Mental Defender defines Unreasonable Psychology as any form of treatment that is designed for the masses. These therapies are typically Sensory-Feeling focused and tribal, while often over-complicating simple, inaccurate, overhyped, or trivial psychological concepts.


We are better than any academic resource, because we don’t just regurgitate century-old theories just to give you a mental disorder diagnosis and put you on recurring payments for expensive, ineffective medications. 


Most people have already used conventional or alternative psychology methods before, and they haven’t gotten any benefit from it. They continue to search for better options, and none have shown up before Mental Defender entered the scene.


If you truly believed your new label or diagnosis gave you all the answers you needed, then you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter in the first place. The reality is, you’re having problems after trying these other options, and you’re looking for real answers.


With the Mental Defense System, we’ve been able to change the emphasis of therapy in a way no one else has ever done by transforming the therapy focus from ineffective, incorrect coping strategies to a fully-comprehensive, fill-in-the-blank online service crafted specifically to your needs as an Intellectual Man.

Your Sensory-Emotional Situation That Is Full Of Incomplete/Incorrect Mindsets, Methods, And Techniques…
Mental Defender’s Structured, Comprehensive, Fill-In-The-Blank Online Service Designed Specifically For Your Future!

We are actively paving the industry with a program that works, and we expect our work to be the new industry standard. It’s the new and improved way to understand yourself and others as an Intellectual Man, and it is the most consistent, practical, and effective multi-model method on the market. Here are some of the ways we’re disrupting the industry:

1. We’ve created and defined terms that will be printed in psychology textbooks universities use for psychology courses in the near future. 


2. Students will go on to become industry professionals, and they will use the same terminology Mental Defender has created to discuss the topic with one another, so they can push the psychology industry even further.


3. People will use our words and concepts as a measure to justify their own knowledge and status on the subject.


4. For many Intellectual Men, our contributions will be the foundation of their work and the source of knowledge to earn a living, even if their chosen profession is outside of the psychology industry.

The MDS will be the best thing you’ll have ever read about personal development and relationships. If you feel misunderstood and are looking for a shortcut to success, then you’ve found it here with us. You are capable of so much more! And it’s only meant for Intellectual Men who are currently missing out when it comes to time, money, energy, health, and network.

How It Works

The Mental Defense System is an Intellectual-Male-Exclusive 3 month program, and it’s only available for those who qualify for our mentorship. You’ll learn the secrets to your psychology and your relationships, and it’ll allow you to easily find a top tier partner for lifelong success.


The techniques we teach are an efficient approach to gain control over the 5 Essential Resources, and our services are meant for Intellectual Men of all ages.


Our program teaches you how to build friendships that last. Most people think of friendship as a relationship with old high school buddies who they spent time with. They may have had a common interest through various hobbies, sports, or something similar.


That’s not what we teach. A mature Intellectual Man recognizes the truest form of friendship is when you and your best friend for life are both going where each other is going, and there are foundational values you have in common.


Other Intellectual Men who are less inclined for success will focus on trying to help out their super abusive, corrupt family members. We can warn you about it, but there are some of you who will want to try it, and it’ll be your decision in the end.


This adjustment in service delivery allows for maximum flexibility for your growth, while accurately informing you of what’s possible without wasting your 5 Essential Resources. It’s also great for the Client, because it allows the information to be shared in a way that’s not too general, but also not too specific.


Our treatment is structured, but not rigid. We set realistic parameters for what you can expect of yourself and others, we give you the inside scoop about the extremes in terms of common thoughts, feelings, intuition, and sensory behavior (more on that is explained in detail in the program). 


We tell Clients they can expect themselves to fit on a spectrum of personality, and they get to choose how they want to move forward as the program progresses. In the end, you get to decide if you want to fit those maxed out examples we’ve illustrated for you, or you can just choose a more balanced approach to develop yourself somewhere closer in between those extremes.

Make A Change To Last A Lifetime.

Mental Defender is changing the entire industry! If you’re like most Intellectual Men, you’ve only been reaching 25% of your potential. This is because you’re missing vital information about yourself and others. You might even be too prideful to rely on another Intellectual Man, so you’ve decided you want to do it all alone.


Your pride is holding you back from achieving your potential! You don’t realize how much having your best friend around helps with production speed, cost, and quality. Intellectual Men who haven’t figured out who their best friend for life is are at a huge disadvantage.


If you’re trying to make it through life on your own, then you’ve already lost before you’ve even begun. If that’s you, then you’re playing a losing game, and you don’t even know it.


Many Intellectual Men who don’t know any better are sick and tired of wasting their lives away, busy doing things that don’t matter, every single day of their lives. Some of us break our backs doing hard labor, shortening our lifespans in the process. Others have to deal with driving on congested highways, or idiots complaining in their ears in customer service jobs.


Some of us have a dickhead boss who constantly gives us problems. They overwork us, we’re not recognized for our efforts because they’re threatened by our high performance, and we just want to find a way out of this bullshit. 


Sometimes we’re innocent before proven guilty, and instead of speaking up about it, we just keep pushing on at work, just hoping that someone will realize us for what we’re worth.


I know it’s not your fault if you’re lost trying to find your way through the mental health system. Up till now, everybody has led you to believe and strive for the wrong things. And that’s where Mental Defender comes in. We want to make sure Intellectual Men are getting the treatment they need and deserve.


The field of Psychology needs more than just a digitally automated system. No! I said enough is enough, and something needs to change around here. What it needs to do is get its shit straight!


People either agree with me, or they want to debate about how they know people better than we do. But the only reason they say that is because, deep down, they want my help and aren’t willing to admit it. That’s why I’m here to help people out.


A lot of Intellectual Men had goals they wish they pursued, but you can really only max out in one direction. If you go in two or more directions, you become split-minded and your time gets immediately cut in half.


Your time, energy, focus, and memory bank all get split apart into tiny, ineffective pieces. There’s a lot more at risk when you’re not fully engaged in a topic, and it will prevent you from being able to fully perform at the highest level.


Don’t be the guy who had all these grand ideas, but ends up adjusting in the middle of the road. They started, but now they’re stuck -- frozen, because they can’t finish. Like a useless, fucking idiot. If they weren’t useless, then they’d be with their best friend for life, and they’d be able to verify their thinking and intuition without leading people off a cliff.


These are the same people who create products and services and are always changing things up. They’re either adding or taking things away, and their product or service is always in beta. 


We don’t change things on our product until it’s been seen across multiple instances. Things must be tested, then thoroughly discussed internally before anything is good enough to qualify to be added into the program. 


This means that if something is there, then it’s there for a very good reason. We don’t take shortcuts like other businesses do. Too many people like to cut corners just to hurry up and make money as quickly as possible, because they can’t handle the slow, painful process it takes to make their offer truly great. We are different.


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