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     When people build relationships, they create stronger, happier, more invested lives. Getting people to build a stable network allows the world to become smaller. Better answers can be discovered, and better decisions can be made to solve big problems.
      Mental Defender™ helps you craft a clear and concise game plan to improve your networking and relationship success. We help normal people master their psychology by providing the knowledge and tools needed to unlock long term happiness and fulfillment. Get started by booking your consultation with us today.

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Those who don’t know themselves will never know how much impact they could’ve made.




       Nick and Ryan are based out of the Bay Area, California. The two brothers specialize in cognitive and behavioral psychology and have chosen a path committed to sharing their hard won knowledge with the world.

     Their mission is to enhance the quality and longevity of the lives they instruct. 

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Our Clients

       Many of the people who work with us want to strengthen their bonds with friends and loved ones.

   The Friendship Acquisition Program™ provides quality service to each client, and we go the extra mile to ensure that each consultation is a life-changing investment. Schedule yours today.

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