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The Mental Defender Mission

      Understanding yourself is foundational to living a prosperous and fulfilling life. By working with Mental Defender and enrolling into our Programs, we can help you unlock the mysteries of your personality and guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and the people you care about.

       In today's day and age, many of us are easily overwhelmed by the thousands of books and videos online claiming to be the best source for developing self-knowledge, personal success and happiness. The truth is that the majority of life advice is often either not specific enough, or it is only applicable to a certain type of person, and this causes us to become confused.

       When these resources fail to help, we turn to the advice of in-person professionals. Whether it be your friendly family psychologist or your beer-gut uncle with plenty of real life experience, results are mixed and often counter-productive. Not only do these "gurus" spread advice that is both inconsistent and inapplicable in the real world, but it also wastes your valuable time, money, and energy in the process.

        It's truly a frustrating situation, and we know your pain. There are so many common misconceptions about personality, relationships and "the formula to success" when it comes to building a network. Misinformation is rampant, and it makes it hard for us to discern fact from fiction.

         Our Programs has been designed to streamline that process, and we make it possible for people to navigate that field of landmines through simple instruction. It's a shortcut to life that hones down on the personal challenges people face, and we highlight the best approach forward with pinpoint accuracy. We cut out the lies other sources push, and we show our clients how to use a consistent formula to understand the enigmatic subject of Psychology.

      The Mental Defender mission is to bring simplicity to the field of Psychology — a subject that has confused humanity for millennia. Join us on our journey to bring true awareness to future generations to come.



You'll never know how life could be if you spend all your time waiting for change.

Our Core Values



We’re in a committed partnership, so help us help you.


Providing quality mentorship is our service commitment.



We won’t take your money without giving you the right advice.


We want to make sure you have long term results based on accurate research data.



We make sure our advice is thorough so we don’t take up more of your time than we need.


Our system will grant you long term success so you can live an optimized life.



Overcome feelings of uselessness, and remove dark spells of not feeling good enough.


Impact the ones you love by getting out of your own way for success, and learn vital tips to increase happiness.



Become a role model and leave a legacy by using our system to help others around you.


Develop a sense of identity, and increase your value in the eyes of others by proving your worthiness.


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