The Friendship Acquisition Program™ (Discounted)

The Friendship Acquisition Program™ (Discounted)

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The Mental Defense System Course includes the following benefits:


✓ Receive one-on-one expert advice for a 2 month consulting program.


✓ Download various customized graphs, charts, and descriptions developed for your convenience


✓ Learn about your personality to achieve greater happiness and fulfillment 


✓ Recognize the source of certain confusing thoughts and feelings about yourself


✓ Accurately pinpoint how to overcome fears and insecurities to develop a clearer vision for life goals 


✓ Discover an approach to becoming a more resilient and well-rounded person


✓ Identify your top 3 best matches for companionship and lifelong friendship

✓ Learn how to create a healthier social circle by effectively navigating social interactions


✓ Better understand your life purpose and role in your family and community